The school staff were happy to finally find a solution to the problem.

About Eva Eriksson Design AB

Eva Eriksson Design AB has been working with products for playing and learning for a number of years, with many assignments focused on furniture for schools and pre-schools. Noise in large groups of children is a growing problem. While Eva Eriksson Design participated in the regional project “Design with Care”, the idea was born to create a product that prevented scraping noise – rather than just dampening existing noise.

The development process started in 2007. And after evaluating a large number of ideas, consulting with experts in the field and testing prototypes, Silent Socks was launched at the 2010 Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Our very first customer was a pre-school in Göteborg, located on the ground floor of a residential building. The retired couple living directly above was severely bothered by the scraping sound from the children’s chairs, so both they and the school staff were happy to finally find a solution to the problem.

With the help of good partnerships, including manufacturers and retailers in the textile and school furniture industry, Silent Socks has become a huge success in the pursuit of good sound environment, both in public spaces and in private homes.

We appreciate having manufacturing and product development close at hand. This means shorter travels and transports, reduced lead times and a good overview of the quality. That’s why Silent Socks are made in Sweden.

Today, Silent Socks are sold in more than ten countries to all kinds of environments where chairs with steel tube legs are used.